Jen (strokeof_genie) wrote in zac_corbin,

HSM2, Hairspray;

I want to know, who's ready for HSM2? This community's been dead-ish, so how about a little discussion? And thoughts, hopes, wishes?

Have we all seen Hairspray? I haven't seen it yet (no time, woe), but I've heard Zac was awesome in it, and that Travolta was a bit annoying. How'd you like it? Ok, onto the other reason for this post: I'm going to post some reference links for ya'll, and for any new members. :D

Official Disney site, with music that scares the crap out of you if you aren't expecting it. Like me.
IMDb site, for info about the actors and actresses.
HSM's wiki page, because I love wiki. It's created by fans of the material, so you know that it's out of love.
All Musicals' HSM lyrics in case you want to brush up on your singing for when you watch the first one, so you'll be ready for the second one. That page also has links for purchasing the CD, or the DVD.

Hope ya'll enjoy! :D
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