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Curls and Blues

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About zac_corbin:
strokeof_genie and zombeezle have created this community because we adore these two guys. Yes, we are young enough to think of them as guys. Anyway, we adore them, and we are pretty much certain (due to whatever lack of common sense or brain-functions you can think of) that they adore each other. In that way. Yes, I said it.
This place here, this community, is about their friendship and their love. Or just their friendship, if that's your thing. Or just their love, if that's your thing. That means we support a slash-y relationship between them, if that's your thing.
Re: slash
Slash is an awesome guitarist.
Slash is also fan-created relationships between male characters, or in this case males in real life. That means this community has the potential to have RPS, or real person slash. If you don't like that, there's probably lots of friendship - gen, that is - in here. Hopefully. Otherwise, you've been warned, and we don't care. Our community is what it is, which is what we've created and enjoy. If you complain, and your complaint is valid (and polite, and not in netspeak), we'll listen.
The point is, this is a community about Zac. And Corbin. Zac and Corbin, and their friendship, and their love. If it's not about one of them, or one of the characters they play (or about both of them or the characters they play) we don't want it. If it's about one of them, and some girlfriend, and the other being a friend? It's a fine line, but I'm going to draw it, and say we don't want it. This community, if it's not a relationship between them, will allow gen.
Re: gen
Gen, or general, in terms or fanfiction, is neutral-ish. There are no pairings, boyfriends OR girlfriends. At least, that's how this community defines it.
That means we allow slashfic, and genfic. To be sure, slashfic can also be friendship-fic; gen-fic can also be friendship-fic. Fiction is hardly the limit in this community though; we welcome any information, articles, art, pictures pertaining to Zac and/or Corbin. Please feel free to post graphics, artwork, videos etc. If there are any questions, please email strokeof_genie or email zombeezle. Our addresses can be found on our profiles.

About the mods:
The mods are zombeezle and strokeof_genie. We love what we create. We, together, mod several communities. We are friends in real life, and we, going along with what was said up there, create what we love. I, strokeof_genie, like to read, write, and take long walks on the beach collect comic books. zombeezle is an awesome graphic designer and all-around artist, loves horror movies, and also likes long walks on the beach hates sharks. Together, our love for kittens, boy-bands, and Zac and Corbin lead to the creation of this community.